Animal Health Chemicals, Hospital Hygiene Bactericides, Public Health Chemicals Public Health Chemicals
Animal Health Chemicals
Animal Health Chemicals, Hospital Hygiene Bactricides, Public Health Chemicals
House Hold Insecticides.
We introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of ectoparacide FDA approved chemicals like Cypermethrin 1% W/W, Diazinon 20 Ec, Amitraz Dip Consentrant (Liquid), Fenvelarate, Cypermethrin High Cis 100 Mg/1ltr, Cypermethrin 1% W/W, Bromopol With Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol, Coumaphos, Propoxur & Sulfanilamide Powder, Carbaryl Scrub-Liquid, Carbaryl Dust, Flumethrin 1% Solution, Permethrin 1% Solution, Deltamethrin 1.25% Ec.
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Public Health-Pest Control-Termite Control Products

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